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Winchester 25-20 WIN - Winchester Western 86 grain soft Point - 50 Round Box Free shipping

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$4.00 per round

Your poor Model 1892 rifle is feeling neglected. It wants to do what it was born to do – drop varmints like high school seniors drop trigonometry class. Make your lever-action’s day with this 25-20 Winchester Super-X ammunition. It’s loaded to classic specs so older guns can handle it safely, and its flat nose bullet is just what a tubular magazine calls for.

This round’s bullet is indeed a varmint slayer. Its broad meplat makes a wide entry wound, after which its soft lead core splays outward to deal a wide and lethal wound channel. This particular soft point bullet’s jacket is very thin, which promotes greater accuracy as well as reliable mushrooming even at the lower end of the velocity spectrum.

This cartridge’s powder propels its 86 grain bullet to a muzzle velocity of 1,460 fps. That’s not fast by a modern rifle cartridge’s standard, but it’s adequate to achieve a 0.191 ballistic coefficient. You’ll get a supersonic trajectory until around 135 yards, at which point the bullet still carries 242 ft lbs of energy.

Winchester’s Super-X ammo is non-corrosive, and its brass cases are worth hanging onto for future handloading leisure.

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    .25-20 WINCHESTER

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