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Winchester 30-40 Krag - Western Lubaloy 180 grain open point boat tail - 20 round box

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$3.75 per round

@W.C.Co. Mestern 30-40 Krag (30 Army) Loaded with smokeless powder and 180 grain Lubaloy Open Point Expanding Boat Tail bul-lets. Pat. U. S. A., Aug. 29, 1922. Can., March 18, 1924. Primed with a non-corrosive priming. Adapted to Krag, Remington-Lee and Winchester 1895 Rifles, Remington and Winchester Single Shot Rifles, and other standard arms chambered for this cartridge. NON-CORROSIVE PRIMING—Contains No Glass The non-corrosive priming in these cartridges prevents barrel rust and corrosion, and, when smokeless powder is used, makes cleaning of the bore unnecessary. Protects the bore and improves the performance of the rifle. Lubaloy (Lubricating Alloy) Open Point Expanding A special bullet jacket metal, pat- A patented WESTERN ented exclusively by WESTERN, which prevents metal fouling, bullet which penetrates the thereby insuring the life and ac- toughest bone or muscle, curacy barrel. jackets afe hearly twice as thick expanding and exploding as ordinary jackets and resist de- with deadly effect when the formity like tough steel. vitals have been reached. REG. U. B. PAT. OFF. Made in U.S.A. MARCA REG. Boat Tail Bullet Reduces air resistance, giving greater velocity, flatter trajectory, deeper penetration and cleaner kills because of higher sustained energy. Adopted by U.S. and other governments. MARQUE DEPOSEE WESTERN CARTRIDGE COMPANY, East Alton, II., U.S. A.

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