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Remington 38-40 WIN - Remington 180 Grain Soft Point Index 8138 - 50 Round box

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$2.70 per round

50 Round box of Remington 38-40 WIN 180 grain soft point

The .38-40 Winchester is actually a .40 caliber (10 mm) cartridge shooting .401 in (10.2 mm) caliber bullets. The cartridge was introduced by Winchester in 1874 and is derived from their .44-40 Winchester. This cartridge was introduced for rifles, but in its reintroduction for  it has seen some popularity as a revolver cartridge. It is not particularly well suited to hunting larger game, but it was popular when it was introduced, along with the previous .44-40 Winchester, for deer hunting. It can be used successfully on smaller game animals, and for self-defense. Current loadings are intended for revolvers.






                   Remington Kleanbore .38-40 Win

Type Rifle, revolver
Place of origin United States
Production history
Designer Winchester Repeating Arms Company
Produced 1874–1937 (original production)
1993–present (current production)
Parent case .44-40 Winchester
Case type Rimmed, bottleneck
Bullet diameter .4005 in (10.17 mm)
Land diameter .3941 in (10.01 mm)
Neck diameter .4167 in (10.58 mm)
Shoulder diameter .4543 in (11.54 mm)
Base diameter .4695 in (11.93 mm)
Rim diameter .525 in (13.3 mm)
Rim thickness .065 in (1.7 mm)
Case length 1.305 in (33.1 mm)
Overall length 1.59 in (40 mm)


Ballistic performance
Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
180 gr (12 g) SP 1,160 ft/s (350 m/s) 538 ft⋅lbf (729 J)

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