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Hornady Hornady 308 Marlin Express - Hornady LeveRevolution . 160 Grain Flex Tip Expanding Brass Cased Centerfire - 100 Round Case

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$1.72 per round


Leverevolution.308 Marlin Express 160 Grain Flex Tip Expanding Brass Cased Centerfire 20 Rounds. 308 Marlin Express 160 grain Flex Tip eXpanding Brass Cased Centerfire Rifle Ammo 20 Rounds 82733.

Hornady LEVERevolution Ammunition Features and Specifications:

Caliber: .308 Marlin Express
Category: Centerfire
Bullet Type: Flex Tip (Hornady FTX) Elastomer Projectile
Bullet Weight: 160 Grains
Bullet Ballistic Coefficient: .395
Bullet Sectional Density: .241
Muzzle Velocity: 2,660 fps
100-Yard Velocity: 2,348 fps
300-Yard Velocity: 2,026 fps
500-Yard Velocity: 1,659 fps
Muzzle Energy: 2,513 ft/lbs
100-Yard Energy: 2,111 ft/lbs
300-Yard Energy: 1,457 ft/lbs
500-Yard Energy: 978 ft/lbs
40% More Energy than Traditional Flat Point Loads
Casing: Reloadable Brass
Quantity: 20 Rounds
Usage: Medium to Large Game (50-1,500 lbs)


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