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FNH USA FNH USA 5.7 x 28 FN Green Tip Hollow Point SS198LF 27 Grain - 1000 ROUND CASE

Product Code : 818513006071

$1.00 per round

5.7 x 28 FN Green Tip Hollow Point 27 Grain 50 Round Box SS198LF Green Tip 5.7x28mm FN MIL/LEO ammo for the FN Five seveN & PS90 is some of the best ammo you can purchase for your FN Firearm. The SS198LF Green Tip is a Lead Free High Performance Ammunition, which has a velocity of between 2100/fps -2200/fps from a Five seveN pistol, and around 2400/fps from the PS90. The SS198LF Green Tip has an effective range of about 200 meters, and is a boat tailed projectile. This not only stabilizes it in flight, but tumbles backwards upon impact of soft tissue, causing massive damage.

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