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Federal 338 Win Mag - Federal Premium 180 grain Nosler Accubond - 20 Round Box

Product Code : 029465098445

$7.00 per round

Federal Vital-Shok is the premier premium hunting ammunition line offered by Federal, featuring the very best bullets from the top manufacturers to ensure that your ammunition will not let you down. All ammunition features premium hunting bullets, which all expand reliably and retain high mass for a quick, clean, humane kill.

You spend all year dreaming of the moment of truth-why trust it to anything less than the best. Vital-Shok is available with the world's finest big game bullets. Match that with world-class brass, select powders and legendary primers and you get ammunition you can truly believe in.

For medium to large game. You'll find the best constructed bullets available for your trophy hunting needs, including the widest variety of non-lead, high-weight retention and copper bullets available. Bullet styles include Trophy Bonded Tip, Trophy Copper, Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, Nosler Partition, Nosler Ballistic Tip and Sierra GameKing.

Nosler Accubond bullets are Nosler's pinnacle of performance, providing reliable expansion across a wide range of velocities, while providing a very high ballistic coefficient, with extreme accuracy, and a bonded core guaranteed never to seperate.

Some bullets fly far. Some bullets expand well. One bullet offers reliable expansion at short and long range while exhibiting a high ballistic coefficient for a more true flight. The gilding metal alloy-jacket offers minimal barrel-fouling over pure copper alternatives which means more reliable accuracy. The Nosler AccuBond offers reliability and accuracy, near or far.

Perfect for medium and large sized game
Reloadable brass case
3120 fps at Muzzle
2855 fps at 100 Yards
2605 fps at 200 Yards
2368 fps at 300 Yards
2144 fps at 400 Yards
1932 fps at 500 Yards
3890 ft/lbs at Muzzle
3257 ft/lbs at 100 Yards
2711 ft/lbs at 200 Yards
2241 ft/lbs at 300 Yards
1836 ft/lbs at 400 Yards
1492 ft/lbs at 500 Yards

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