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Federal 7MM Shooting Times Westerner ( STW) - Federal 160 Grain Nosler AccuBo - Brass Casing- 20 Rounds

Product Code : 029465096465

$9.45 per round

The 7mm Shooting Times Westerner, sometimes referred to as the 7mm STW, began as a wildcat rifle cartridge developed by Layne Simpson in 1979. It is an 8mm Remington Magnum case that has been "necked down" (narrowing the case opening) by 1 mm to accept 7mm (.284 in) bullets. This cartridge is named after the magazine Shooting Times where Layne Simpson is a regular contributor.

Parent case 8mm Remington Magnum
Case type Belted, bottleneck
Bullet diameter .284 in (7.2 mm)
Neck diameter .315 in (8.0 mm)
Shoulder diameter .4868 in (12.36 mm)
Base diameter .5126 in (13.02 mm)
Rim diameter .532 in (13.5 mm)
Rim thickness .220 in (5.6 mm)
Case length 2.850 in (72.4 mm)
Overall length 3.60 in (91 mm)
Case capacity 93.3 gr of H2O
Rifling twist 1 in 9 in (229 mm)
Primer type Large rifle magnum
Maximum pressure (SAAMI[1]) 65,000 psi (450 MPa)
Ballistic performance
160 gr (10 g) Partition 3,177 ft/s (968 m/s) 3,587 ft⋅lbf (4,863 J)

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