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CCI 38 Special - Speer Lawman 125 Grain Total Metal Jacket - 3 BOXES OF 50/150 ROUNDS

Product Code : 076683537331

$0.45 per round

3 Boxes of 50

Speer’s Lawman label 38 Special ammo is perfect for target practice! If you want to work the kinks out of your aim with your 38 Spl revolver – or take advantage of the more affordable alternative for target shooting with a 357 Magnum – then this Idaho-made range ammo is right where it's at!

This cartridge’s 125 grain bullet is not a full metal jacket. It is a total metal jacket! What’s the difference, you ask? An FMJ’s lead core is not covered by its jacket at the base, which allows searing propellant to gasify the toxic metal during ignition. In contrast, a TMJ’s jacket completely encapsulates its lead core, which leaves propellant unable to produce aerosolized lead. That’s why this ammo is poised to keep your barrel and your lungs cleaner – an especially great advantage if you’re heading to an indoor shooting range.

This round’s TMJ has a flat nose profile, so it’s safe to load in a lever-action rifle’s tubular magazine. The bullet is evenly seated in a reloadable brass case, with one of CCI’s highly reliable noncorrosive primers to take care of ignition.

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